Forever Young premieres, Beavis and Butthead go to the galaxy, Netflix launches new reality show ‘Snowflake Mountain’

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Stream It: The Story of Minudo Captured Forever

The untold and often tragic story of long-running Puerto Rican boy band Minudo — whose members were expelled from the lineup when they turned 16 — is chronicled in a four-part documentary series from HBO Max. Minudo: Forever young. While the group’s most successful single star, Ricky Martin, did not participate, directors Angel Manuel Soto (Magic City Kingsand Christopher RiosHavana Ski Days) interviewing several former members to discuss Menudo’s legacy – from the glamor of a global sensation, to the sadly familiar stories of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse they were allegedly subjected to at the hands of their manager. – Lindsey Parker

Minudo: Forever young Premiere Thursday, June 23 to day HBO Max.

Stream it: Beavis and Butt-Head Go to the Galaxy (and in 3D!) in Paramount + Special

They have conquered America – it’s time to confront the universe. The iconic animation duo from Mike Judge debuts in the broadcast era with the new Paramount+ feature, Beavis and Butthead do the universe, which begins with our favorite goons kicking nads exploring the true final frontier: 3D animation. But the bulk of the 90-minute comedy finds Beavis and Butt-Head in their classic 2D form, as an unexpected journey into space sends them rocket from the late 1990s to 2020 after passing through a black hole. (Insert your B&B laughter here.) Rising in their future—and our present—friends discover a brave new world populated by super-intelligent versions of…themselves? – Ethan Alter

Beavis and Butthead do the universe Premiere Thursday, June 23 in the day Paramount +.

Live broadcast: The spoiled youngsters get a crash course in adulthood snowflake mountain

Remember Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie simple life and later, Dirty rich: cattle drivewhich appeared before-keeping up with the Kardashians Superstar Courtney? Like early reality TV shows, snowflake mountain It’s based on the premise that lazy, corrupt young men are dropped into an unexpected location – in this case, an outdoor survival haven without running water or Wi-Fi – where they are tricked to go. (They were told they were going to a 5-star resort to shoot a magical new reality show.) United nationsA glamorous destination, the 10 contestants, including an unemployed 26-year-old who drops $500 of his parents’ money on beauty services each week, compete for money under the supervision of two former members of the military. “It seems offensive at the border,” says one of the so-called Snowflakes in episode one. Another adds that this experience is “the worst of his life.” all life. Pass the popcorn, please, for this quick distraction from the real world. – Rachel Shovelt

snowflake mountain Premieres Wednesday, June 22nd on Netflix.

Watch this: Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas share a few things official competition

Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz play royalty in Spain and America, but they’ve only had screen sharers sporadically during their long careers. to change in official competition, clever satire of the kind of art house movies the two actors know. Cruz plays a well-known and respected director who accepts a movie mogul’s offer to turn a famous book into an award-winning film. Enter the Banderas movie star, who brings commercial credibility to the project, but has his own unique acting method. This exclusive clip from the movie shows Banderas and Cruz in the midst of a rehearsal that takes a painful turn…literally. – EA

official competition Premieres Friday, June 24 in theaters; visit Fandango For information on showtime and tickets.

BUY IT: Funko Pop Albums might be the gaming giant’s coolest tool yet

Funko Pop!

(Photo: Funko POP!)

It was cool enough when Funko expanded her huge collection of lovable movie and TV characters to also include notable musicians. But their Funko Pop albums – which they started releasing in 2020 – may be their best advance yet. the group, Now at least 27, puts your typical Funko style musician against the covers of the most popular albums. Among the most recent offers are: Jimi Hendrix Are you experienced?the Queen The most powerful songs And Britney Spears Oops! I did it again… But nothing will hit the child From Notorious BIG’s ready to die album. – Kevin Bulloy

Buy Funko Pop albums on Amazon.

stream it: Love and Gelato Heaps of romance

Netflix has turned writer Gina Evans Welch’s 2016 novel into a movie starring Susanna Skaggs (stop and catch the fire) as Lina, a college student who promised her dying mother that she would spend the summer before college in Rome, which her mother loved. In true romcom fashion, once Lena is there, she finds herself eating delicious cuisine and scenic sights – including two potential love interests – all while using her late mother’s diary as a guide. As a friend sums up early on, “Pizza, cannolis, hot Italian boys, stat!” – rs

Love and Gelato Premieres Wednesday, June 22nd on Netflix.

Watch it: Shaft is still a bad mother in the new Criterion Collection edition

Standard group

(Photo: Criteria Collection)

One of the greatest mysteries of our lives will be the reason for 2019 aperturea sequel to the 2000 print aperturewas also called aperture. But we go on. With all due respect to Samuel L. Jackson, the original 1971 movie starring Richard Roundtree will always be superior, no matter how they call the films. aperture From here forever. Arguably the gold standard in Blaxploitation cinema, the Gordon Parks-directed classic hits the Criterion Collection this week, with 4K digital restoration, new documentary work, archival interviews with the cast and more. – KP

Aperture: The set of standards will be issued on Tuesday, June 21, on Amazon.

Hear it: Lupe Fiasco is training

Lupe Fiasco locked himself in a studio with longtime collaborator Soundtrakk in August 2021, challenging himself to create an album in just 24 hours. I took it little bit Longer than that, but still impressive that after 72 hours, the result was Music pits in Zion. It has been called “Best Album” by Fiasco (even comparing it to Nas Ilmatic), and Grammy Award-winning engineer Craig Power (whose credits include Kanye West Late registration And the Graduation As well as Fiasco Food and drinks And the cool) as the “Rap Album of the Decade” – raising expectations for the Chicago rapper’s first album since 2018. – LP

Music pits in Zion By Lupe Fiasco Available Friday 24th June Download / Stream .

Watch it: Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal & Brothers on Blu-ray in The unbearable weight of talent


(Photo: Lionsgate)

Nicolas Cage has gotten a lot of attention, and rightfully so, for his stellar (if not made) performance alongside Nick Cage in the unbearably cool month of April. The unbearable weight of talent. But let’s also know that the movie is also one of the best romantic comedies to come out of Hollywood in years thanks to the hilarious, hilarious chemistry between Cage and co-star Pedro Pascal. Everyone around them chooses chaos. They just want to bro and watch it Paddington 2. unbearable weight This week’s Blu-ray hits with deleted scenes, features, and the director’s commentary. – KP

The unbearable weight of talent Releases on Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD Tuesday, June 21 at Amazon.

Live stream: Brandi Glanville, Vicki Gunvalson, Dorinda Medley and more, Unite for RHUGT

Fasten seat belts Housewives fans. your favorite move, meme generation The ex-wives are back for the second season of The girls’ ultimate journey. Jill Zarin, Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Eva Marcel, Phaedra Parks and Jill Zarin reunite at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor for an epic All-Star season. It’s 2012 all over again The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Stars Armstrong and Glanville who made their way into Episode 1. (Yes, there’s a classic Glanville “Shut the f*** up” at the dinner table.) The stage was also set for Medley and Gunvalson’s feud, who was playing outside. Click in recent weeks. It’s clear that all the ladies are vying for other places on their house show and for a few of them it might just work out. – Taryn Rider

The Real Housewives Girls’ Definitive Journey: Ex-wives Club Thursday June 23 falls on peacock.

Hear it: Jack Johnson shoots the moon

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson hasn’t released a full album in five years, but he’s making up for lost time meet the moonlightHis most ambitious project to date. The result of an intense solo collaboration with famed producer Blake Mills (Alabama Shakes, Perfume Genius, Jim James), the album is a departure from the way Johnson typically records, and the result is what Mills calls “one of the most spiritually interesting things I’ve ever worked on”. – LP

meet the moonlight By Jack Johnson Available Friday, June 24th for download/streaming .

Watch it: Trick To PBS’s New Music Series, American anthems

Music really makes people come together American anthemsNew docuseries on PBS. Over the course of six episodes, watch some of the country’s biggest stars – including Jennifer Nettles and Christian Busch – perform new songs based on the extraordinary experiences of ordinary Americans. The series’ premiere, for example, shows nettle turning a cancer survivor’s story into an inspiring anthem, while in the final installment Bush and Lindsey Ell feature a thrilling fight song for sexual assault survivors. – EA

American anthems Premieres Friday, June 24 on PBS.

buy it: Sonic Origins Brings the beloved Sega hedgehog back to its 16-bit roots

Gotta go fast! After rushing to box office glory on the big screen, Sonic the Hedgehog steps back Sonic Origins, which recreates his adventures in retro video games for next-generation consoles. This anthology brings together the first three games plus sonic and knuckles And the My voice CD, and features new opening and final animations, as well as newly created content. Chili dogs not included. – EA

Sonic Origins Available Thursday, June 23 at most major retailers, including Amazon.

Hear it: Trixie Mattel shows all its colors

RuPaul’s Drag Race Iconic Trixie Mattel has established herself as an American singer/songwriter/power-pop singer, and now the Queen of All That Media is back with her fourth LP – a Double-Album, featuring collaborations with Shakey Graves and Michelle Branch. The Slim Legend (real name: Brian Ferkus) is expanding her palette blonde and pink albumsLed by Nancy Sinatra-esque Surf-rock for “Hello Hello,” garage vocals for “C’mon Loretta” and Volksi, the duet of sweet and sour Graves’ “This Town.” – LP

blonde and pink albums By Trixie Mattel Available Friday 24th June for Download / Stream .

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