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Corporate spaceflight is a new industry that aims to make the life-changing adventure of spaceflight accessible to the general public.

A mission that was previously only possible for the world’s best skilled astronomers after decades of strict instructions is now available to everyone who can buy tickets.

Virgin Galactic was one of the first organizations to promote space travel as a tourist attraction, and the response has already proven overwhelming.

They now have nearly 700 reservations, with flights scheduled as early as 2023. However, a lottery visit for a 90-minute spaceflight starts at $450,000—a sum that excludes 99.9% of the world from making those flights.

The difficulties do not end here. Wait times can take months because only a few tickets can be accessed on a limited set of spacecraft. Furthermore, travelers must complete basic astronaut education, the majority of companies are located in the United States and serve English-speaking clients, and companies have the option to choose who may or may not go. It is clear that the barriers to entry are still significant.

The Space Coin project aims to address some of these issues by introducing decentralization and sensible charging, allowing ordinary consumers to get or win tickets to witness the lovable black-sky extravaganza we call space.

What is the Space Coin Project?

The Space Coin project was founded on the idea of ​​creating a decentralized system that would allow anyone in the world to purchase seat reservations on a ship; The Space Coins Project aims to create a balanced and equal treatment of space travel expenses, and to make space travel more affordable. A trip into space costs almost half a million dollars per ticket, which means that no one in the world will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

What distinguishes the Space Coin project from others?

With space travel companies reserving seats for the powerful, access to American/English speaking facilities and a place on the spacecraft becomes difficult for anyone without the necessary contacts. The Space Coin project addresses this problem by creating a social movement with a decentralized organization at its heart to serve the global audience of space enthusiasts and gain the interest and recognition of companies that operate such flights. The Space Coin project, as a leading concierge service, guarantees your convenience no matter where in the world it is!

The SpaceCoin project is developing a concierge service that will allow people to pay at reasonable rates and go into space. As space flights become relatively common, the number of companies offered by different companies may grow, but the prices, as well as the care provided, will vary significantly. Individuals can exchange tokens for tickets of their choice as part of the Space Coin Project process. The Concierge Space Coin Project will provide you with customized privileges as part of your transaction. Customers can now rate companies and other offers side by side and tailor all-inclusive trips to personal preference.

DAO . space

SpaceDAO is already responsible for burning tokens in a reasonable manner in order to obtain funding to purchase tickets for various space missions. When a customer purchases a spaceflight with SPJ, they must send the tokens to a smart contract for the value of the spaceflight ticket. Next, the tokens are burned, causing SpaceDAO to remove liquidity from the nodes.

Individuals who own SPJ have the right to participate in SpaceDAO and vote on critical projects, such as further modifications to the winner selection and liquidation procedures. Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of SpaceDAO is calculating the number of tokens a customer must exchange on a trip to space.

Space Project Coins (SPJ)

SPJ’s initial offer is 5 billion, and the token will be available for the first time at a fair launch on SushiSwap’s token offer. Nearly 2 billion SPJ tokens are in circulation which is equivalent to

10,000,000 US dollars. If you want to buy SPJ tokens, you can find them on 3 popular trading platforms such as PancakeSwap, QuickSwap and SpookySwap. You need to connect your wallet like Metamaskor to any trusted wallet of your choice and start your journey into space. Currently, the Space Coin project supports the exchange between SPJ and ETH.

Code name Space Coin Project.
Token bar SPJ
Writes ERC-20 code
primary supply 5 billion.
Fair launch on Sushiswap 1000000000
Rewards 1000000000
general selling price 0.000016 USD => 0.00000000053 ETH

How do SPJ holders earn?

In the Space Coin project ecosystem, SPJ is a useful token. It is the main way to connect with the thriving decentralized space travel club on the Web3.

  • Staking can be accessed once an SPJ is issued. SPJ may be installed for additional SPJ! This is a new approach that allows early customers who trust the project to be ready to purchase a future spaceship flight, even if you don’t have the money right away.
  • Voting: When the SPJ is released, you will be eligible to vote immediately. Acquiring a stake in the pool is considered proof of closure, giving you the opportunity to vote in the DAO Space. Freeze tokens benefit the entire community by showing companies willing to participate in the Space Coin project that the community is dedicated to making it happen. The Space Coin core project team and community leaders will submit topics for voting to help guide the development of the project in a free and transparent manner.

Traveling with SPJ

The Space Coin Project is a unique game-based system that allows ordinary people to win a trip to space by simply owning a token. There will be contests and opportunities to win a trip into space for everyone who has only one SPJ. Building partnerships with space travel companies and registering their participation in these competitions is an important aspect of this mission. SpaceDAO aims to bring together all of the central and decentralized space fan groups in a way like never before.

What does the future hold for the space currency project?

The Commercial Spaceflight Consortium is the primary voice of the commercial spaceflight industry. CSF and its 85+ members, established in 2006, are creating the foundation for the long-term space economy and the democratization of space access for scientists, students, citizens, and businesses. SpaceDAO and the Space Coin Project want to collaborate with organizations such as the Commercial Spaceflight Consortium. By promoting Web 3 technology, SpaceDAO hopes to inspire the next generation of engineers and explorers on Earth.

What are you waiting for Join this amazing space journey now – Space Coin Project.

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