Deion Jones could be reunited with Dan Quinn if the Falcons move after June 1

Stephen Jones said. The Cowboys in Dallas “Unfinished” in free agency. To clarify, Jones said that in the lead up to, and then immediately after, a file 2022 NFL Draft The Cowboys have yet to sign a veteran free agent since he made the comments. There is clearly still some time before Dallas heads to Western training camp, but time is running out if he plans to keep that promise of some sort.

Speaking of time, the calendar now only reads June which is important for NFL rosters and rosters decisions. As we head into June 1, teams can create more of the coveted salary cap space and may fire some veterans into bigger deals in order to do so.

One of the potential roster cutoffs could end up as a potential target for the Dallas Cowboys.

Deion Jones could be reunited with Dan Quinn if he Atlanta Falcons Proceed after June 1

Sometimes the June 1 cuts are somewhat predictable but in other cases they can be a bit surprising.

The PFF recently speculated about a few players who might be victims now with the arrival of June And one name they got rid of is Atlanta Falcons midfielder Dion Jones.

LP Dion Jones, Atlanta Falcons

After June 1, 2022 cut off the maximum: $18,980.784

After June 1, cut the savings cap in 2022: $1,067,059

Maximum post-trade 1 June 2022: $5,340,784

Maximum savings after June 1, 2022: $14,707,059

Athletic’s Jeff Schultz recently reported that the Hawks will explore the possibility of trading fullback Dion Jones after June 1, just as they did with wide receiver Julio Jones in their last off-season. It is clear that Julio Jones’ trade has progressed well, with Tennessee Titans Moving out of a future Hall of Famer after just one season of injury. Additionally, Atlanta drafted Montana State midfielder Troy Anderson with a second-round pick earned in the trade — a player who would be more important if the Hawks move on from Dion Jones over the next few months.

This report came before the news that Jones had shoulder surgery and will be out in the off-season, which will complicate matters further for Atlanta and make it impossible to convince another team to receive $13.64 million in guaranteed compensation for 2022. He has come out by far from the worst season of his career. , receiving an overall score of 34.6 and allowing 884 yards to cover – the second-highest season among linebackers in 2021.

The cap figure is so high that Atlanta secured Jones’ $9.64 million salary for 2022 when he agreed to defer the salary in the 2021 season to make way. The snowball effect of this poor decision continues to delay team rebuilding. If the Hawks cut Jones, he would cross $80 million of the 2022 gross cap, which is about 40% of the 2022 gross salary cap and set an NFL record.

You see the Hawks are a mess, but the situation with Deion Jones might be the one they want to move on from in the name of moving forward. We’ve definitely seen different NFL teams move for this simplified reason before.

While no one is suggesting Jones could come in and make a huge difference to the Cowboys, his history with current defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is clear. What’s more, Dallas hasn’t exactly addressed the quarterback’s place in a serious way over the course of the season:

  • Re-signed by Leighton Vander Eshe and Luke Gifford
  • Drafted by Damon Clark and Devin Harper
  • Bobby Wagner did not sign

The last point is said to be kind of tongue-in-cheek, but it’s worth repeating that the cowboys didn’t go after someone related to Dan Quinn who was in the market. It’s hard for Deion Jones to get what Los Angeles rams I paid Bobby Wagner, so maybe Dallas is more open to a lower price, but the truth is they still need some depth in the center at the moment.

Determining the depth at the linebacker helps Micah Parsons’ flexibility to roam the front and dash with bitterness. For now, the Cowboys will have to rely on Leighton Vander Esch to stay healthy all season, and while that was the case last year, the likelihood of him repeating isn’t stable enough to count on.

Cowboys may have been waiting for June to be shoppers again. Prices are about to drop and this is usually when they are willing to spend if they so choose.