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Today’s top news is looking at a file Viral prank on TikTokelse Qunun supports the candidate win the election, and Viral pride protest At a University in Seattle.

Next, our culture editor Tiffany Kelly explains,summer wild girl‘weekly speech’Online this week” vertical.

That’s a lot to get past, and that’s enough of me. Let’s dive into the news.


A world with emoji from Meridian written on it

tik tok: have you ever Cressed? The term refers to a video of Kris Jenner dancing to her song “Lady Marmalade” It quickly became a viral joke on TikTok similar to rick roll. hashtag #Cressed has more than 167 million viewsThe sound has been used in more than 20000 Tik Tox. Our Senior Culture Editor Audra breaks it all down over here.

Conspiracy: republican Maria Flores He emerged victorious in the Texas special earlier this week, Control of a seat in the House of Representatives For a long time by the Democrats. Flores has been used previously Ticks related to conspiracy theory law. you will join Many other members Congress, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.), who have Support the conspiracy theory In a way or another.

Pride protest: Students at a University in Seattle publish a file cut montage of the graduates Handing flags of pride to the head of the school to me Protesting a recent decision To maintain the policy that Employment is prohibited of individuals in Same-sex marriage. The TikTok app that has now gone viral 2.9 million views. You can read more about the protest over here.

two cats

TikTokers are trying to pay for ‘Feral Girl Summer’

three years ago, Megan Thee Stallion Introduce the world to the concept hot summer girl. The rapper referred to herself as “thee hot girl” in song lyrics and in songtape marketing. Fever.

Memes about the term exploded Before Megan Thee Stallion released a song of the same name with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign in August of 2019. Since then, the term has becomehot summer girl” It was she chose And the changing by others. Now, TikTokers are Trying to make “Feral Girl Summer” a thing– delusion get backlash So.

What is this?

But first, what is Feral Girl Summer? brutal term usually used Referring to a wild animal, but on the Internet, the term It has been applied more widely.

“I’m about to go wild” is the phrase Seen a lot in fan communities, especially in response to an interview or new photos of a famous actor. brutal is seen as a positive word Now – paint a picture Act like wild as you want. This is where Feral Girl Summer comes in.

TikTokers They use the phrase for An embrace that doesn’t seem polishedThis includes not wearing matching clothes, not shaving, and not leaving hair and beautification. Others use it to promotestraight mentally illand chaotic behavior. Posted by TikToker__mull, the self-identified originator of the term video In March where she said, “I can only feel it. It’s wild girl summer. “

Why is there a backlash?

became the term source Twitter dialogue Over the past week when BBC published a link To a radio show he explained his rise.

Guests on the show said Feral Girl Summer was about “anti perfect” And the “reject the norms of beauty‘, along with an image of a person walking out heavily.

But Megan the Stallion did not claim That you needed to look perfect in order to have a Hot Girl Summer.

“So it’s basically about women and men just being without any apologies, just having a good time, impressing your friends, your doing, and not caring what no one has to say about it,” she said. root In a 2019 video.

It seems Not unlike what people say about Feral Girl Summer– which is being criticized Paraphrasing a term created by a black woman.

“White women rebranding hot girl summer as wild girl summer is so cliched because Meghan never mentioned that hot girl summer means being stand-up or perfect on social media,” she said. Hania Angus tweeted.

“A girl’s wild summer feels like going too long without a shower,” another Twitter user said. Wrote.

but you are Do not worry About a large group of people who decide not to shower all summer Because of the trend of TikTok (Something that’s hard to think of doing if you live where you currently are Suffering from a heat wave). At the moment, it looks like Feral Girl Summer is Mostly concept People enjoy discussing it online instead of living in it.

Tiffany Kelly

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👀 Today online

Here are some of the major transmissions over the “network”.

📱 TikToker broke out a lot of attention after She secretly photographed her co-worker He asks her to hang out after work – and Don `t give up Once She made it clear that she didn’t want to.

🔋 In a viral video, an employee shows a brand of Electrolyte Popsicles In his workplace refrigerator, claiming that All jobs which has this”Work from outside sh*tits employees.

🎙️ A video of a man went viral ️ Using the Walmart intercom to try to get help While buying a laptop after that Unable to find an employee In store.

📜 When you think about the early days of the internet, How does this look to you? in “The Lost History of the Internet“The Daily Dot explores the online communities and events that have shaped us.

👗 after Kim kardashian clothes Marilyn Monroe dress To the Met Gala last month, Marilyn Monroe’s group claims to be He allegedly damaged the dress.

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🛒 A woman went viral on TikTok this week after making it baffling claim it was Stereotypes of shoplifting While waiting in line check about.

😮 One TikToker went viral after explaining how to do it Laser hair removaltool for I left her with first degree burns.

🥝 Share creator Perris Howard Importance From community care Online. Participation for passion fruitDaily Dot Weekly Newsletter on Starter EconomyFor more coverage.

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📅 memory of the week

Warner Bros. release a photo Ryan Gosling as Kane in coming Barbie Movieand the The internet has gone wild. Several memes reference Gosling’s other roles.

Barbie Ryan Gosling song

Twitter / ecto_fun, Warner Bros.

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