Congress must focus on addressing the many increased costs that are hurting Miners

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Megan Michaud is vice president of programs and policy at the Maine Center for Economic Policy.

as such Rising prices Adding financial stress and the economy continuing to reset from the shocks of the pandemic, all Mainers—whether they’re from Limestone, Lewiston, Briskey Isle or Portland—should have what they need to overcome these challenges.

Emergency relief during the early months of the pandemic helped most families and workers survive the immediate crisis. But even before COVID-19 and inflation, the basics on which we all depend to take care of our families, including healthcare and childcare, were too expensive for those who use them every day. Now, wages for a lot of people are up, unemployment is low, but with prices for everything from gas to groceries soaring, we need our elected leaders to act so we don’t lose the ground we’ve earned.