Colin Morikawa among 5 picks on Saturday

Colin Morikawa and Joel Dahmin are currently leading by one stroke at 5-lower than a tie after the second round of the US Open. Now, we’re looking forward to Saturday’s third round, which features plenty of support corners to attack PrizePicks.

Below, I give five plays from the Flexible PrizePicks Selections for the third round of the 2022 US Open. For those unfamiliar with flexible plays in golf, different combinations of overs and unders generate different payouts.

Using the five plays below, having five of five scoring correct returns 12.5x, four of five scoring two correct returns and three of five returning 0.4x.

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Colin Morikawa: Round 3 under 70.5 hits

As I mentioned above, Morikawa is T1 at 5-under on par after shooting 66 on Friday. after, after This prop successfully hit that roundI’ll go back to the well.

Morikawa is deservedly at the top of the leaderboard because he ranks first among the remaining players in it the total Acquired Strokes His game was dominant in all areas. It currently ranks in the top 27 in every biometric to date, including SG: Putting, SG: Around-the-Green, SG: Approach-the-Green, SG: Off-the-Tee, and SG: Tee-to- Green.

This feat is quite impressive as he called and corrected some of his mistakes from the first round. Between rounds one and two, Morikawa saw a 128% increase in SG: Putting, a 1567% increase in SG: Approach-the-Green and a 31% increase in SG: Tee-to-Green.

I don’t expect to see Morikawa regressing in round three as he has proven to improve as the championship progresses.

I would like to play that total to 70.

Jon Ram: Round 3 under 70.5 hits

This prop is another hit from the second round that I’m getting again. Currently, the Rahm T3 is at 4-under on par after shooting 67 on Friday.

Like Morikawa, the Ram game was dominant across the board. Outside of SG: Approach-the-Green, Rahm ranks within the top 20 of every vital scale to date, including SG: Putting, SG: Around-the-Green, SG: Off-the-Tee, and SG: Tee-to – Green color.

Also like Morikawa, Ram is entering the weekend with momentum as his performance was much better in the second round. Between rounds one and two, Rahm saw an 858% increase in SG: Putting, a 59% increase in SG: Around-the-Green, and a 32% increase in total hits earned.

I would like to play that number up to 70.

Scotty Scheffler: Round 3 under 70.5 hits

The last person I endorse this third round is Scotty Scheffler. The number one ranked golfer in the world is T8 at 3-under after his shot of 67 on Friday.

Schaeffler caught fire in his back nine in the second round when he shot the 31 after a four-hole stretch that saw two birds and an eagle. It’s pretty surprising that Schaeffler didn’t finish with a lower score because he was burning edges with his shots all afternoon, which is an unsustainable trend.

Those hits will start to fall and when that happens, the rest of the field will need to pay attention. Outside of his position, Schaeffler dominated the field in other key metrics as he ranked first in SG: Green Approach, fourth in SG: Off-the-Tee and fourth in SG: Tee-to-Green.

Assuming we see this positive pullback from his situation, I expect to see Schaeffler enter the club ahead on Saturday.

I would like to play that total to 70.

Justin Thomas: Round 3 on 70.5 hits

I also fade some golfers out on Saturday, starting with Justin Thomas. Currently, Thomas is a T31 at 1-over after shooting 72 on Friday.

Thomas has been saved by his style of play so far in the tournament. However, the rest of his metrics suggest a regression is looming. While Thomas ranks 10th among the remaining areas in SG: Approach-the-Green, he is only ranked 47th in SG: Putting, 57th in SG: Around-the-Green, 39th in SG: Off-the-Tee and 28 In SG: from the tee to the green.

With no momentum going into the weekend after a bad second run, we could see another turbulent outing for Thomas. Between the first and second rounds, Thomas saw an 186% decrease in SG: Lay, 14% decrease in SG: Around-the-Green, 61% decrease in SG: Approach-the-Green, and a 37% decrease in SG: From Tee to green.

I would like to play that number up to 71.

Patrick Reed: Round 3 over 72.5 strokes

The other golfer I fade into on Saturday is Patrick Reed. Currently, Reed is a T31 at a rate of 1-over after a 71 launch on Friday.

Reed’s racket has been his saving grace so far because the rest of his game has been worth fading out. Of the remaining areas, Reed ranks only 29 in SG: Around-the-Green, 49 in SG: Approach-the-Green, 40 in SG: Off-the-Tee and 46 in SG: Tee-to-Green .

Like Thomas, Reed is entering the weekend with absolutely no momentum as his metrics are down across the board. Between rounds one and two, Reed saw a 122% decrease in SG: Around-the-Green, a 67% decrease in SG: Approach-the-Green, a 72% decrease in SG: Off-the-Tee and a 98% decrease in SG: Tee-to-Green.

I wouldn’t play that total in anything above 72.5.