Christine Inegui from Mercury launches women’s empowerment clothing brand

Raina Perez, 2, moves to teammate Ezi Magbegor, 13, as she was guarded by Mercury Kristen Anigwe, 33, in the Phoenix Mercury's season opener against Seattle Storm at the Footprint Center on April 28, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kristen Anyjoy was always asked about her growth.

At 6ft 4, Anyjoy stands above the others, but she never wanted to be defined.

“They didn’t ask me my name. I didn’t feel like a real person,” she said.

Anigwe has used height to her advantage in her football career, including her Current assignment with Phoenix Mercury, but there were some drawbacks to being a tall athlete. The clothes fit a certain mold and athletes like Anigwe have a hard time finding clothes that fit them.

“I used to wear the craziest things in school. I used to wear my dad’s clothes because they fit me,” Anejoy said. “That’s why I like plus-size clothes and my dad always wore big pants. I wear these oversized pants to school. Everyone was like, What are you wearing? And I’m like, I thought it was cool? ”