Calvary session: Buckeyes has the nation’s largest fan base, NCAA considers window into transfer gate, Ohio State’s top-five manager’s cup finishes

It looks like something slipped through the cracks…

Woody Hayes totally had a stroke and totally believed that this woman was a spy hired by Beau.

Word of the day: to reject.

The largest ornate base in the land. I spend a lot of time on the internet to be able to confidently claim that Ohio has Better Fan base in the land (but you’re good, you know).

What I can report, however, is that Ohio has Larger The fan base is in the plan – and by a large margin it seems.

Ohio has the largest fan base in the country.
Ohio has the largest fan base in the Big Ten.

These fees come from Great analysis of all 130 FBS fan bases It was done by a fellow named Tony Altimore (Tweet embed on Twitter) where he essentially compiled findings from a range of different studies.

Overall, a very good read, especially if you’re looking to steal some of your boss’s time today (not that I’d condone anyone doing such a thing, of course).

casement window? The transfer portal has been pretty much the Wild West of college football for as long as it has been around, and it got even crazier when the NCAA decided to allow everyone to transfer for once.

The portal won’t go anywhere soon, no one-time transfer exception. But the NCAA is still doing what it can Make this Wild West less brutal.

Transportation recommendations, aimed at stabilizing the transportation environment, require additional accountability for schools receiving student-athletes transfer and supplying student-athletes A period of time to enter the transfer portal each year in order to be eligible to compete the following year. Some of the changes to the breach process will include incentivizing all-party cooperation, additional investigative tools and more flexibility in confidentiality rules.

This would make all the sense in the world. But at the same time, I have come to love and appreciate the absurdity of the players who decide to leave their team in the middle of the season – sometimes even in the middle of matches!

No other sport in the world has the constant threat that any of your players can simply quit smoking and effectively enter free agency at any moment, and I support protecting that at all costs. Give me some spice!

Five of the best sports programs. Ohio State didn’t win the Director’s Cup, but they put in a good fight and earned their first win in the top five since the 2016-2017 sports season.

But the bad news is that they finished second behind Michigan for the fourth consecutive season.

Ohio State finished fourth in the Managers' Cup

Regardless, the biggest story here is that after winning 25 consecutive titles, Stanford is now second in consecutive years. I think every empire must fall someday.

Trifecta, Triple Crown, etc. I’ve always said that individual awards are stupid and meaningless…

…unless my players win it.

Fortunately, the Buckeyes family had a very good selection of them, and they put them into beautiful elite company.

Just kidding, it couldn’t be a “high-end” company if Pennsylvania was in the group – James is right?

Today’s song. “You Make My Dreams” by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

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