Cacho Falcon by Carol Schmitz

Kacho Falcone: The truth is revealed

He was born in Asuncion, Paraguay, Cacho Falcon He lives and works in Brooklyn. He started his career as an artist selling what he called “therapeutic jeans”. Working with his clients, he would turn their confessions and stories into drawings on their jeans – a one-of-a-kind experience! This led him to work with Perry Ellis, Guess and eventually Tina Knowles (Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign shirt is his!). But he soon realized that he wanted to do more with his work.

He decided to pursue his artistic vocation by “documenting the bare truth,” as he likes to say. Widely known for his stunts that transcend borders, genres, and mediums, the artist is uncompromising in his desire to capture the human experience in its purest form.

His colorful, expansive paintings act like diaries, becoming a refuge for his thoughts and fears, too private to share but too rewarding to ignore. However, he didn’t go out of style by collaborating with J-Lin Swim to design two swim shorts styles for Summer 2016, for example.

His paintings and photographic works are a testament to the power of emotion and their ability to tell the truth in any language, in any circumstance and to anyone. But he has also adapted himself to a chaotic situation he has created, highlighting his infinitely provocative and inquisitive side by evoking his references here and there to Warhol and Basquiat of whom he is a huge fan, all imbued with a sensitive fact.

Everything that is close to weakness inspires him. This explains why he is drawn to the naked body, whether as a canvas or as inspiration. “With nudity comes vulnerability. With vulnerability comes truth. It moves the subject to a place where anything can be said and anything can be done. Seeing my subject unfold as they want or feel; that’s what fascinates me.” The artist explains. What he looks for in his models is a desire to reveal their deepest secrets so that they can learn how to make peace with them. This creates a degree of intimacy that shines through in his work, as the scribbled torso becomes a piece in itself but also the subject of photos, videos, and more.

But for now, he’s the one undressing by answering our survey!

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Instagram: cachofalconart

Your first photographic click?
Cacho Falcon : When I was probably eight, I had this disposable camera, and I was shooting toy cars in an environment I made for them. Usually with rubble from the construction site.

The man or woman of the pictures who inspires you?
Cacho Falcon : Helmut Newton.

Which picture you would like to have?
Cacho Falcon : Jackie O’s photo was taken by Ron Galella.

The person I regret did not dot made?
Cacho Falcon : A nude portrait of my fully drawn sister while she is pregnant.

The person who moved you the most?
Cacho Falcon Photo of a Syrian child sitting in an ambulance after surviving the bombing of the regime in Aleppo.

And the person who made you angry?
Cacho Falcon : Probably the same picture of the Syrian child.

If among your photos you had to choose only one?
Cacho Falcon : The photo I took for my inspiration before he moved to Rio.

A main photo in your personal pantheon?
Kkacho Falcon : Picture of my family.

In your wildest dreams, if you could afford a work of art (portrait, drawing, sculpture) at all costs, what would it be?
Cacho Falcon Photo: Egon Schiele.

In general, what quality is required to be a good photographer?
Cacho Falcon : openness to exploration.

The secret to the perfect picture, if any?
Cacho Falcon : When working with subjects, TRUST.

The person you dream of photographing?
Cacho Falcon : The first person that comes to mind is Monica Lewinsky.

A basic picture book?
Cacho Falcon : Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Your early days camera?
Cacho Falcon : disposable cameras.

Who are you using today?
Cacho Falcon : To be honest with you, I mostly use my iPhone.

Your favorite drug?
Cacho Falcon : I love mushrooms.

Best way to disconnect for you?
Cacho Falcon : mushroom.

Your greatest quality?
Cacho Falcon : Wafaa.

A picture to illustrate a new banknote?
Cacho Falcon : feather.

The job you didn’t want to do?
Cacho Falcon : Accounting.

Your greatest extravagance as a photographer?
Cacho Falcon : saturation.

What values ​​do you want to share through your photos?
Cacho Falcon : admissions.

The city, country or culture you dream of discovering?
Cacho Falcon : Asia.

The place you never get tired of?
Cacho Falcon : New York.

Your biggest regret?
Cacho Falcon : Not to do the treatment earlier.

Your current madness?
Cacho Falcon : I will not be present for my lover and partner.

Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or snapchat, what do you think about social media?
Cacho Falcon : In my case, it’s a tool to reach more people. I think it is very easy to get lost since we are constantly fed up with pictures.

Color or black and white?
Cacho Falcon : color.

Daylight or artificial light?
Cacho Falcon : Industrial.

Your inspiration?
Cacho Falcon : People.

Your definition of beauty?
Cacho Falcon : Confidence.

The most attractive city for you?
Cacho Falcon : Paris.

If I organize a special dinner for you, who do you want me to invite to your table?
Cacho Falcon : Frida Kahlo, Jackie Kennedy, Anna Nicole Smith, Egon Scheele, Andy Warhol, Monica Lewinsky, Lady Diana, Karen Carpenter, John JFK, Freddie Mercury.

If God exists, would you ask Him to stand up for you, or would you choose a selfie with Him?
Cacho Falcon : Selfie.

The picture that represents you the current state of the world?
Cacho Falcon : Mark Rothko Black Painting.

What is missing in today’s world
Cacho Falcon : sympathy.

And if everything is to be remade?
Cacho Falcon : I would change the laws. Making laws has become money making especially here in America. People die as a result. This is just a mistake.