Barry Trotz’s Next Move Is Coming Soon, Jeff Petrie Trades In Business: LeBron Annoys

DENVER – Days off twice at the Stanley Cup Final make for a fun time for some new grumbling. So let’s get into it.

We need to get some clarity from Barry Trotz about it NHL The future is in about two weeks or so. I was told he plans to make a decision around 1 July.

It was widely reported that he spoke to him Winnipeg And the Detroit, among other clubs, in connection with the main vacant coaching positions. The planes wait patiently and hope they can land on the Manitoba native. My TSN colleague Darren Dreger reported Friday that Trotz is scheduled to speak again with the Jets next week.

According to sources, Trotz also spoke with his old club in Nashville about a potential front office role. We’ve mentioned before after Trotz was abandoned by the islanders that management was something Trotz could appeal to whether it was now or on the road. So let’s see where those conversations with Predators he goes. But I also think there was always some form of understanding between the organization and Trotz that he would be welcomed back one day in a regulatory role if that was something he wanted.

There are a lot of things Trotz will have to think about over the next two weeks before deciding what’s next for him.

There is definitely no training opening in Nashville. Predators GM David Poile have announced a two-year extension for head coach John Hynes beyond the end of their season. Technically, the Preds picked up Hynes’ option for the next season and were then placed in another year after that. So it occurred during the 2023-24 season.

Jeff Petri The next trade for Montreal?

The Canadian They are still looking to transfer Jeff Petrie and that could very well happen over the next few weeks. DallasAs I mentioned before, it remains a potential option if Superstars do not re-register the suspended UFA John Klingberg (Conversations remain on that front between the Stars agent and Klingberg and the sentiment I had on Thursday was that Klingberg was probably heading to the market.)

I also told Detroit could be a good fit for Petrie, who is a Michigan native. A few teams have shown interest in Petri, who has three more years on his $6.25 million deal. He has a modicum of control with a revised no-trade clause but it is clear that he still wants to change the scene despite finishing the season strong in Montreal under Martin St Louis.

Meanwhile, the teams keep in touch Josh Anderson (among them the oiled, I hear) and what they have been told by Canadiens GM Kent Hughes is that he does not intend to transfer it. They want him to be part of the rebuilding. Having said that, there is a sense if teams come forward with a serious package led by a high potential client as well as other assets that could be plundered away. But all things being equal, the Hab doesn’t really want to move it.

The oilers want to re-sign Kulak, interested in keeping Ken too

GM Oilers met Ken Holland Britt ColakAgent Jerry Johansson last week, indicating that he wanted to try to re-sign the suspended UFA. The next step is to make an offer that should come soon. Can they make it work under the hood?

The Netherlands also expressed for Evander KingThat the Oilers team are interested in trying to re-sign the suspended UFA winger. Agent Dan Milstein is scheduled to meet with Kane next week to craft a game plan. I think Kane is interested in hearing from The Oilers but there may also be a lot more appeal to hear from the open market.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility of a stretch Jesse Poliogarvi Trade based on other moves with Oilers. It’s not guaranteed that they pass it on but it’s among the possibilities being discussed, recently suggested by my TSN colleague Ryan Richog. The use of Puljujarvi has been reduced under new coach Jay Woodcroft. The 24-year-old is an RFA with arbitration rights to salary this summer.

Black Hawks‘Business talks underway on Alex DeBrinkat

The Blackhawks Reconstruction is in ongoing discussions with the teams about a potential trade for Alex DeBrincat. There is no guarantee that they moved it, but they are definitely listening. If that happens, it will be a future asset type deal. The Blackhawks want a young player / high choices / the best potential genre.

It will take a long time if they decide to take this step. The 24-year-old winger who knocked out the 41st season should also have a goal. He had one year left on his contract at $6.4 million and then next summer he got an RFA with arbitration rights to the salary. So part of what the teams are trying to figure out in their pursuit of DeBrincat is what the next decade might look like. This might intimidate a team or two, but my overall feeling is that attention is very important nonetheless.

The kings It’s one of the many clubs that I think have shown an interest.

Two more association meetings on the rise

This Stanley Cup Final not only features two elite programs, but also two GMs progressing.

It would be very surprising to have Avs GM assistant Chris MacFarland and Lightning Assistant General Manager Matthew Darch are not general manager for the next two years.

Darsh has given interviews in Montreal, Vancouver and Chicago this season about those GM job openings and made an impression.

It came from a successful programme. Canucks Hockey operations chief Jim Rutherford told me back in January. “And he has some good experience working in Tampa. I didn’t know him, I met him once before, but I didn’t know him very well. But it was very good to meet him.”

“It is only a matter of time before he is a GM somewhere.”

The ducksHe, I think, was hoping to interview MacFarland earlier this year for their GM search but that didn’t happen. MacFarland has a great working relationship with General Manager Joe Sakic, for example. I don’t know this for sure but I suspect the two have a very good combined view of the track in front of McFarland. A rival CEO recently asked me if McFarland could become General Motors here in Colorado one day and Sakic moved into the role of head of hockey operations, similar to how George McVeigh gave way to Kelly McCremon as General Manager in Vegas.

Either way, the Sakic-MacFarland partnership is clearly one with great chemistry. The Avs front desk as a whole doesn’t get as much credit as it should for the pieces they brought in to build their star-studded heart. Signature Valery Neshushkin For one year, $850.00 in August 2019, for example. or get it Devon Toze For a pair of second-round picks? or refusing to respond to any From Montreal on Arturi Laconin. The Avs do their duty in professional scouts like any team in the league.

quick beats

• There was an ongoing dialogue, but the sources say There are no interchangeable numbers after between maple leaves And the Jack CampbellLed by agent Kurt Overhardt.

• The Sharks They’re hoping to get a new GM hired in time to open a free dealership but they won’t be in a rush. They are down to 4-5 candidates and I heard only two of them had previous GM experience.

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