Aura’s intelligent security platform should create a safer internet for consumers

It’s been just over a year since Aura launched its consumer security and identity theft protection service, and I don’t think Aura could have come out any better. More and more people are assuming a digital presence, corporate digitization has expanded at an incredible pace, and the number of cybercriminals has grown at an alarming rate. Aura continued to act as an all-in-one digital security platform, even introducing its own security platform Business Put the employee first.

Since my first post corona analysisIt has grown in many areas. It has added various capabilities, improved its pricing structure, and is implementing a number of AI-based features to provide consumers with the kind of personalized, predictive, and proactive offerings they need in today’s digital world. I want to highlight some of the areas that I considered interesting and impressive, and then jump into how Aura is carrying that momentum toward a future of intelligent security.

The aura is moving at an unprecedented pace

If you don’t know the story of Aura, it started with several acquisitions of some of the most prominent security, privacy, and identity protection solutions. Aura has combined these offerings into an all-in-one range and over the past year has continued to innovate to offer more proactive safety features.

At the time of Aura’s initial launch, its subscription prices were fairly reasonable within the range of what it was offering. For example, a premium subscription to VPN Hotspot Shield was $7.99 per month for up to 5 devices. For Aura’s Total plan, which included the same Hotspot Shield VPN for up to 5 devices along with a slew of other features including identity theft and fraud protection, Aura charged a fee of $20 per month. My only issue at the time was the limited number of devices covered by the subscription tiers base architecture, but Aura has expanded its hardware coverage. Today, Aura includes protection for up to 10 devices per person in its plans.

everybody Aura’s current subscription levels now offer everything that was in the Ultimate plan for its first release. You can sign up for the Single plan for $15 per month billed per month and get prepaid for $40 per month billed per month. It only goes up from there, as Aura added a couple tier and a family tier, increasing the number of members, devices, and identity theft insurance, and making the cost about $10 per person. Given that Aura has only added value within its digital safety platform and reduced cost per capita by more than half, I would say the company is moving quickly with great momentum.

The aura moves toward the conversation

The digital world we live in is very different than it was a decade ago, or even two years ago. Not only are there more people online, but there is also more of a person’s life online within multiple internet ecosystems. We very much live in a hybrid world. Hybrid work, hybrid life, hybrid ecosystems. This hybrid world makes it difficult to get a comprehensive solution which is why the cyber security industry has practically evolved towards single point solutions.

One of the reasons for Aura’s success despite being a new player in cybersecurity is its focus on being a modern security and security platform. Aura has taken over many of its sourcing solutions and created an all-in-one solution that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Bundling these great security and safety solutions into an all-in-one platform was the first step, and the next step for Aura is to innovate towards an intelligent AI-powered security platform.

Simplicity will continue to be a core principle of Aura as it works to move forward. The Aura platform should be simple in principle because the simpler it is, the more it will reach those who need it. The consumer or the family should not need to know what a VPN is to understand that it protects them from threats when doing online banking. Those most at risk, old and young, may not fully understand the dangers of the Internet and should not need to understand them in order to be protected.

Intelligent Safety and Aura Innovation

Aura will achieve this level of simplicity by applying intelligent technologies to create an intelligent security platform that automates many of its existing features and takes the burden off the user. Aura’s machine learning engine – which they refer to internally as Project Apollo – will drive this innovative product.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make their way through almost every technology. By implementing AI and ML in an intelligent network, Aura can proactively prevent malicious threats. Apollo allows Aura to take each user’s personal data, run it through ML and AI engines and data models, and understand each person’s greatest risk. This allows Aura to customize the safety of each user and implement predictive and proactive safety measures.

Likewise, for Aura to be a secure platform that secures secure internet practices, it must be global. In other words, Aura security needs interoperability between the various ecosystems in which we work, play, consume, communicate, etc. I could even go so far as to say that Aura is looking to make everyone’s internet protection personal. By understanding the movement of personal data across hybrid environments, Aura can be proactive and take preventive measures based on an individual’s specific security needs.

I commend Aura for recognizing that innovation in the cybersecurity industry must happen to remain proactive. Aura is proactively focused on “R” research and development and is advancing the innovation agenda for Aura through Aura Labs. Good R&D understands that there are risks and failures on the research side of things. The flip side of that is that moving from research to development and creating tangible business value from research results is what turns into innovation. in talking with Chief Scientist and CEO of Aura LabsZulfikar Ramadan, I think Ora understands this on a basic level.


While Aura still has a lot of work to do, I think it has created an all-in-one solution that meets the needs of people who have a lot to lose and need simplicity. Bad actors are dynamic and innovative in their approach to cybercriminal activities and often disguise their methods through familiar means. Aura has excelled in bringing security into the modern age in its understanding of the importance of innovation in the cybersecurity industry. Without innovation, the cybersecurity industry is playing a reactive game rather than a proactive one.

Aura’s mission to create an intelligent security platform within our hybrid world is incredibly disruptive. Its simplicity and AI-driven intelligence addresses the hybrid world we live in that requires a proactive approach to cybersecurity, not just a reactive one.

It should be simple in its user experience, interoperable in various hybrid ecosystems of online user presence, proactive in its approach to bad actors, and smart with AI and machine learning. All of these principles combine to make what I believe is the best digital security and security platform available.

Note: Jacob Freeman, Moor Insights & Strategy collaborative Moor Insights & Strategy contributed to the writing of this article.

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