Apple WWDC 2022: Here’s what to expect

An apple (AAPLThe WWDC Developer Conference, arguably the biggest event of the year, kicks off next Monday and is expected to introduce a slew of changes to the software that powers every single device of the tech giant.

We’re talking about updates to Apple’s iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS, and perhaps, the company’s debut of the long-rumored augmented reality platform for VR and AR headsets.

Yahoo Finance will cover WWDC live when it comes up, but just as with any big Apple event, I’m already getting questions about what consumers can expect from the show and how it will affect them.

To that end, here’s why you should pay attention to Apple’s WWDC.

AR/VR software and headphones from Apple

The most anticipated and perhaps the most up-to-air announcement at WWDC is Apple’s debut Virtual reality system and accompanying headset.

Apple is said to have been working on the software powering its AR/VR headsets for years, and with competitors like the Meta already on the market, Apple can finally give us a look at what it’s doing when it comes to its AR/VR plans.

Updates for iPhone and iPad

Yes, your iPhone is getting an updated look thanks to some big changes coming via iOS 16. According to Mark Gorman of Bloomberg,who apparently lives in the walls of Tim Cook’s office, iOS 16 will contain upgrades to the iPhone’s lock screen and new widgets.

Android phones have offered similar features for quite some time, so it’s not quite a new capability, but iPhone owners tired of having to unlock their devices to check their latest notifications or check for the weather will likely enjoy it. However, updating the lock screen might be something that is only available to iPhone 14 users.

Gurman also notes improvements to the iOS Messages app, including more social media-style updates, as well as changes to systems notifications.

CEO Tim Cook speaks at an event for Apple at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, US, September 10, 2019. REUTERS / Stephen Lam

CEO Tim Cook speaks at an event for Apple at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, US, September 10, 2019. REUTERS / Stephen Lam

back in january, Twitter user @LeaksApplePro Show off some of the bigger widgets that Apple will bring to the iPhone with iOS 16, and they certainly look rather useful, allowing users to access multiple app features at once including changing music and using the camera flash as a light..

Apple’s iPadOS 16 is also said to have new multitasking capabilities that could make the iPad more laptop-competitive. It’s still not as useful as using a fully powered MacBook in certain situations, and Apple isn’t likely to bring the two into direct competition, so don’t expect to be able to open and move around in many different application windows.

Apple Watch may get better battery life

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world, and for good reason. It combines a stellar design with fitness tracking and messaging capabilities. Apple is expected to showcase its latest version of the software that powers the watch, watchOS 9, during WWDC in hopes that it will improve the wearable’s battery life.

According to Gurman, watchOS 9 should include a new Low Power mode, which looks and feels different from the Apple Watch’s current Power Reserve mode, which turns off all watch features except for the time.

As usual, Apple is likely to add new Watch Exercises, as well as new Watch faces. There is also a chance that the company will improve its Health app on the Apple Watch and iPhone. This could offer a tool for drug management as well as better benefits for women’s health.

The M2 chip and the new MacBook Air

Apple’s M1 chip has been a huge success for the company as it delivers exceptional power and battery performance in a single package. As a result, the chips have found their way into a large number of Apple devices ranging from MacBooks to Macs and iPads.

Now, according to Gurman, Apple is preparing to launch its next generation chip: the M2. Expect to see Apple show off the chip’s performance gains on the M1, not to mention compare it to rivals the likes of Intel and AMD.

Furthermore, Apple could launch a new MacBook Air alongside the M2 as the first PC to get the chip. Apple’s latest MacBook Air with the M1 chip offers much better battery life than its Intel-powered predecessor, and it only follows that the M2-powered Air will outshine it.

We will follow all news from WWDC as it happens. Stay in touch with Yahoo Finance for more.

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