“Aisha Singh is an exemplary role model for the current generation”

The TV star’s fans on Twitter greet her birthday with festive messages

Contact: Aisha Singh

By: Asjad Nazir

Amazing turn as Sai Joshi in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Turn Ayesha Singh into one of the most famous stars on Indian TV.

She has shown her impressive acting range in the hit drama series and has become a strong symbol of girl power with her performance. She turns a year older this week, and celebrates her 26th birthday on Sunday (19).

To mark the occasion, Eastern Eye urged its fans on Twitter to reveal why they think the rapidly rising star is so special.

@Arunima49291523Ayesha Singh has a special talent for spreading positivity against negative emotions. She does not hate anyone and wishes the best for others. She is a humble and humble person even after becoming famous. She gives full effort to her art and respects fans. Happy birthday Aisha.

@ayesha19291929: The way each emotion is gracefully portrayed, no one can play the role of Sai Joshi better than Ayesha Singh. I feel connected to her. Aisha lives in Sai Joshi. Thank you for making us positive with your love and kindness. God bless you with all the love n blessings.

AyeshaAdmier: Miss Singh is a special talent not only because of her dedication and passion towards her work but also because of her nature. I have personally experienced how modest it is. Although she is a newcomer, she is very good at every sequence.

As Sai Joshi in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

AyeshaSinghFC: Ayesha Singh’s growth in acting in a year and a half is commendable. For me, she is a special talent. I couldn’t connect to any other fictional character like Sai Joshi and for that all the credits go to Aisha.

bintaaaaaaaaaa: Aisha is a pure soul girl. She is a hardworking, talented, versatile actress and a down to earth person.

graciousparkle: Ayesha Singh started her journey with nothing and now that she has achieved fame and success she is still humble. This is what attracted many to her and made her a special talent.

LiliesReliefShy: Ayesha Singh has the talent to refresh your soul. Her one-and-a-half year journey is all about consistency and hard work, which has led her to success. She is inspiring and her never-give-up attitude has made her the Queen of many hearts. A positive spirit is not pretentious and I love it for that.

lovers_ayesha: Ayesha Singh is a special talent. In just a short span of time, she caught the attention of the masses and made her onscreen character Sai a household name. She has won the hearts of countless people and is the perfect example of special talent.

RanoAyesha: Ayesha Singh is truly an angel who spreads love and happiness. Her positive aura inspires me a lot. She respects everyone. I like the way you approach everything with maturity. The way I portrayed Sai Joshi made me watch soap daily after ages.

@Reems71317531: Today people admire her not only because of her talent, but also because of her pragmatic nature. She has won everyone’s heart with her innocence, nature and being who she is. In addition to her special and modest personality, she always gives fans a warm and sweet feeling.

_Rittika__: This lady’s aura is different from the others. No hypocrisy, she always knows how to spread positivity. I literally found her very professional yet beautiful. The way she was great in her interviews, no more drama, nothing, just speaking with dignity.

Sayrat_Fan: What I like the most about Ayesha Singh is that she is a kind, polite, genuine, humble and humble person. She always maintains the slightest positive aura all around. I call her Queen for a reason. Rule hearts and make our dull moments bright.

sairatxlove: Ayesha Singh is a special talent because of her personality. Her dedication and passion towards her art is commendable. It is unpretentious and grounded yet very popular. It is a pure and unique soul. She is always full of gratitude and is very loved by everyone.

@siyavt6: She refines her craft through her dedication and passion and has grown as an individual and an artist. It’s not just about acting but also about what’s going on with her on set whether it’s the camera setup or the lighting. She’s grounded and treats people as equals whether it’s her co-stars, crew members, or fans. This is what makes it special. A true gem in the industry after a long time.

@vibs_0987: Ayesha Singh is one of the perfect role models for the current generation. It shows while on earth how one can reach the sky. The path to a successful life begins with recognizing your talents, striving and finding ways to achieve your goals.

Tweet embed Ayesha Singh is a special talent because unlike most selfish actors, she listens and imbibes the reactions given to her. She does not keep herself above other actors or her fans. Her humility, grace, and gratitude will take her a long way.