A woman allegedly fighting with an employee over sales tax shocked the internet

Internet viewers are in disbelief after a convenience store worker described a customer’s reaction to a sales tax on a bag of chips.

Olivia Miller, a 20-year-old money changer at a convenience store in Ontario, Canada, shared the dispute in a TikTok video on May 31. It can be found here.

The employee said a shopper reprimanded her for over C$0.52 ($0.41) in sales tax on chips that morning.

“This is the conversation I just had,” Miller told her audience. She tried to pay attention to the customer at check-out, saying, “Hey, it’s $4.51.”

Then I imitated the customer, and he replied, “No, the bag says $3.99.”

“Yes, $3.99 before tax,” Miller replied. After tax $4.51. “

I remembered the shopper’s reply, “Mm, no. I’m sorry but who are you to tell me how much money to spend or not to spend? Like, if he says $3.99, that’s what I pay. I’m not going to give you extra money for you and the owner.” “

“Do you want it or not? I won’t fight you about taxes,” Miller asked with a deep sigh.

The customer insisted, “Yes, I want it for $3.99.”

I can not do that. I have to tax you. I am not responsible for the pricing of anything. $3.99, $4.51 with tax.

Olivia Miller

“I can’t do that,” said the cashier. “I have to tax you. I’m not responsible for pricing anything. It’s $3.99, $4.51 with taxes.”

“I think it’s a little outrageous,” said the buyer angrily. “How can I teach my daughter to grow up in a society where people like you take extra money from people like me?”

Miller said this discrepancy continued until the woman threatened to speak with the owner when she next came and finally left the store.

Internet viewers are in disbelief after a convenience store worker described a customer’s reaction to a sales tax on a bag of chips. Here, bags of potato chips are on a shelf in Miami, Florida.
Joe Riddell/Staff/Getty Images North America

Food prices are rising in Canada, like the United Statesamid rising inflation. Food prices rose 8.8 percent in April due to increased costs of inputs, such as fertilizers, while higher energy costs pushed up the price of shelter by 7.4 percent in the same month, according to the newspaper. Canada Statistics. The Russia’s invasion of Ukraine It continued to put pressure on energy, commodity and food prices all over the world.

Starting April 1, the Canadian province of Alberta Eliminated the 13% sales tax on gasoline to ease inflationary pressure on consumers. Some Canadian economists have argued that the Trudeau government should enact temporary cuts in a similarly targeted sales tax to provide nationwide relief, CBC mentioned.

TikTokers unite

Retail workers often find themselves in the midst of people’s anger over rising costs, Miller struggled, along with viewers who said the scenario sounded too familiar.

One comment sympathized with “at my job every day”. “They complain [because] Prices are going up just as I have no control over that.”

Another viewer wrote, I work at a grocery store and people are always pissed off about the chip tax. “Guys I didn’t invent HST, [I don’t know] what I can say.

Comment TikTok

Another viewer wrote, “I work in a grocery store and people are always more pissed about the chip tax.” “Guys I didn’t invent HST, [I don’t know] what I can say.”

Other users shared their shock at the customer’s behavior, wondering how they usually paid for their goods.

“Have they not bought anything in their whole life? That’s how it always works?” asked one of the commentators.

Another asked, “How far from reality do you have to be to think that taxes go to small store managers.”

NEWSWEEK I contacted Miller for comment.