A dog with a very special credit card leaves the internet in stitches

The internet can’t get over the fact that a ’90s dog was approved for her Discover credit card.

virus reddit After sharing the details, titled “My dog ​​applied for and received her credit card in 1996,” it has been voted 32,000 times since it was shared on June 2. Redditor Tweet embed Share this post on the “Moderately interesting” subreddit.

according to statista, the number of Discover cards in use in the US in 2014 decreased from the previous year to 52 million. In 2013, there were 63.6 million cards in circulation.

St. Bernard puppy
The dog who allegedly had his own credit card is delighting the Internet. Here, a puppy of St. Bernard is lying on the grass.
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The post showed an image of a gray Discover credit card in the person’s hand, and the cardholder’s name displayed was “Rita St. Bernard.” The dog has been a member since 1996, and the card was valid until 1999. Half of the card numbers are blacked out, and Discover is written in yellow and orange.

As the name suggests, Rita was from St. Bernard, and the Redditor even included a photo of her. In the comments, the owner provided more information regarding the situation.

For a few years, I was able to use it at the vet and at the pet store until they found out they offered a line of credit for a dog.

original poster

The original poster (OP) revealed “At the time when I would sometimes use my dog’s name when filling out mailing list forms.” “One day she received a request for a credit card and sent it back as a joke, but was surprised to find this in the mail a few weeks later. For a few years, I was able to use it at the vet and the pet stored it until they found out they had provided a line of credit for a dog.”

The back of the card also says, “Please see ID on collar” rather than including a signature. “This coincided with the time PetSmart was coming to the scene and calling on people to bring their dogs to the store,” the OP added. “And that’s where you’ll use it for laughs.”

The Redditor didn’t remember how the account was closed, but said no one was “disturbed” by the situation “because I only used it on a few occasions and paid the bill straight away.”

“Maybe I just called and closed the account when the dog died, and I moved across the place [the] State, “The Redditor continued.” Knowing I may have made a mistake and never closed the account and forgot about it until I found the card in an old book tonight. “

But what kind of credit limit does Rita have? According to the OP, they were “pretty sure the card had a ridiculously low limit, like $250, and definitely no more than $500.”

It turns out that the Simpsons experts decided I actually did this one year before they did.

original poster

Some commentators have pointed out that The Simpsons did an episode in which a dog got his own credit card as well. “It turns out that the Simpsons experts decided I actually did this one year before they did,” the OP said. “This is a very rare job that I put on my resume.”

redditor feedback

More than 800 comments poured in on Rita’s dog credit card, and plenty of people seem to appreciate the situation. Some people wondered how to file an OP without a Social Security number, while another Redditor admitted they were “sad” because Discover “would give a dog his first credit card and he would reject me, Lol.”

One user got a chuckle from Rita’s name on the credit card. They said, “The fact that her bloodline was used as a nickname, Lmao.”

God knows you can’t build a stock by burying bones in the yard.

Reddit comment

Another user said his daughter got an Amex card at just 8 months old. “They sent her an application, she filled it out with 100 percent accuracy including her date of birth, her job (baby), her income ($0) and they still approved,” the user wrote.

Apparently, the user’s cat has gotten her credit card offers before, too. “One of my cats had a book club membership and got credit card offers in the early 2000s,” they added.

Other commenters have posted jokes about a dog with a credit card. “Good for her,” the Redditor noted. “God knows that you cannot build credit by burying bones in the yard.”

Another user considered that “most of Reddit” was not “alive” at the time. “But that’s the kind we can do in the ’90s,” they say. “It was a crazy, hard time. The post-Cold War to pre-9/11 period was magical.”

Approval comments included things like, “I hope she’s careful with her spending,” “Looks like you used s**t out of it, I hope lol it has a high limit,” and “Wow…so much fun.”

In case anyone wondered how the 2008 financial crisis came about, this is how.

Reddit comment

Others noticed the Great Recession after seeing a dog job with her own credit card. “In case anyone has been wondering how the 2008 financial crises came about, this is how it is,” the Redditor said.

Not everyone seems to find the situation funny. “No, you didn’t,” the Redditor insisted. “I fraudulently obtained a credit card with a false name.”

NEWSWEEK I reached out to Discover and RedditorMakesCakesEatsMud for comment.

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