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    Trades involving notable NHL players often take place during the holiday period. That’s when teams have more payroll space to work with and are willing to invest in the free agent and trading markets.

    Sometimes, these casual moves involve an NHL star. In recent years, notable figures such as Artemi Panarin (2017), Ryan O’Reilly (2018) and Nazem Kadri (2019) have changed teams via summer deals. Most of them were either at or near the height of their stardom when they were transferred.

    Last summer was no different among notable moves, the Columbus Blue Jackets trading Seth Jones to the Chicago Blackhawks, and Marc-Andre Fleury acquiring the Chicago Blackhawks from the Vegas Golden Knights.

    Next season could see a handful of other superstars switch clubs. Some, like JT Miller in the Vancouver Canucks, have been the subject of commercial speculation for a while.

    A variety of factors can go into moving a star player. In some cases, a veteran player may not be eager to spend the remainder of his playing period with a club that is rebuilding. Sometimes a player who is one year away from their unrestricted free agent eligibility can be too costly to re-sign. In other cases, the team can try to offload an expensive player to make room for other moves.

    Here’s a look at five NHL stars who should be on the lookout for the trade this summer. You can express your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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    The Florida Panthers have only $3.9 million Salary cap area And 16 players under contract for 2022-23. They should get rid of the salary if they hope to re-sign or replace the suspended free agents like Claude Giroud and Ben Shearot.

    Sergey Bobrovsky may be a commercial candidate. At 22:42 points from May 25 32 ideas Podcast, Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman said: It was suspected that the Panthers tried too hard to trade the 33-year-old goalkeeper this season, or at least laid the groundwork to do so. He added that he didn’t know if it was possible but he had heard that they had worked hard on it.

    Bobrovsky contract It is the reason why it is difficult to move it. He has four seasons left with a maximum annual salary of $10 million plus a full no-motion clause. If he agrees to trade, it will only be for a select number of teams. Panthers may have to keep a portion of its annual cap to make it more palatable to potential trading partners.

    The Bobrovsky trade this summer looks like a long shot, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. A team that has a cover room and is looking for an experienced rookie player might be interested in a two-time Vezina Trophy winner.

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    Changes are coming to the front office at the San Jose Sharks after General Manager Doug Wilson stepped down earlier this season. Anyone who takes this role on a full-time basis can try to turn things around with a big cost-cutting deal that includes a high-priced defensive man like Brent Burns or Erik Karlsson.

    On May 7, Sportsnet’s I mentioned Elliot Friedman The Sharks had “very preliminary” business discussions with two teams regarding 32-year-old Carlson. However, he holds Hitting the $11.5 million ceiling During the period 2026-2027 with complete immobility condition and a long history of injuries.

    Burns seems to be the most likely candidate for the trade. His annual hit is less expensive ($8 million), plus he only has three years left on the knot. The 37-year-old rearguard has a three-team commercial roster, but may have been considering expanding it for a chance to join a playoff competitor. Burns’ skills can bring sharks an impressive array of futures to build upon.

    Burns has an active line of Played 679 consecutive matches This is the tenth of all. The 6’5″, 225-pounder remains an effective defensive man in moving the discus, ranking 12th overall All the foreplay of the NHL This season with 54 points. Award Winner Norris Cup In 2017, it could attract a lot of interest if it becomes available on the trade market this summer.

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    The Chicago Blackhawks have missed the playoffs this season for the fourth time in the past five years. New General Manager Kyle Davidson shown The club will undergo a rebuilding process that may take some time to complete. That could result in long-time superstar Patrick Kane changing teams this summer.

    Ken, 33 years old, 1 year old on the knot With an annual average of $10.5 million and a full no-motion clause. Davidson has shown He still has a place in Blackhawk’s future plans. However, the talented right winger may be unwilling to spend the remainder of his early years on a rebuilding team and miss an opportunity to pursue his fourth Stanley Cup ring.

    Despite his age, Kane remains among the elite stars of the NHL. He led the Blackhawks with 92 points in 78 games, and finished in a tie at 14th place. His scoring prowess and tournament experience would make him an enticing commercial target for the contenders.

    Kane will have to agree to a trade and Blackhawks may have to keep up to half of his salary cap to make the deal palatable to interested clubs. However, it would be a worthwhile move to rebuild the Hawks if he were to get a package of futures contracts, including a first-round pick and a high probability.

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    In the Vancouver Canucks’ turmoil season, GT Miller was their trusted star throughout the campaign. Finishing ninth in the National Hockey League with 99 points in team lead (and career best), the 29-year-old position and solid two-way performance were crucial to keeping the Canucks in the playoff competition through the final week of the game. Ordinary chapter.

    Miller has a year left on the knot With a reasonable annual cap of $5.25 million. He will be eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July. This is what made it a topic commercial speculation during the regular season. The Canucks could try to sign him on a contract extension this summer, but his performances this season will make him costly to keep.

    On May 17, a Vancouver County‘s Ben Kuzma’s prediction Miller could draw a lot of interest in the commercial market this summer if the Canucks can’t provide enough long-term space to re-sign him. Kuzma believes the cost of acquiring Miller will be higher this summer than it has been this season. The Canucks could at least be seeking a first-round pick, a high probability and a good young player who is ready for the NHL.

    Miller was drawing attention from Stanley Cup contenders looking for an affordable one-year rental. He would also tempt clubs on the verge of a playoff with cover space to sign him on a lucrative long-term extension.

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    Having missed the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, the Vegas Golden Knights face an off-season challenge. They’ve been pressed for an $82.5 million salary cap for 2022-23 with 17 players under contract. They’ll have to make a cost-cutting deal or two in order to fill out the rest of their roster, especially if they hope to re-sign the suspended free agent suite Reilly Smith.

    ESPN.com Greg and Shinsky asked If the Golden Knights were to consider transferring Max Priority. The 33-year-old left winger is one year away from becoming an unrestricted free agent. He carries a salary cap of $7 million and a 10-band clause not to trade in his current contract.

    Injuries have limited Passuretti from only 39 games this season, but he managed to score 19 goals and 37 points. When he’s healthy, he’s among the most productive left wingers in the league. Since his outstanding performance with the Montreal Canadiens in 2011-12, he 3rd place in total goals with 303 and seventh with 593 points.

    The Golden Knights would not seek a contract in return if they transferred Pacioretty only to get rid of the salary. It can be tempting for contenders or clubs with post-season aspirations looking to boost their scoring punch on the left side.

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