5 Eating Habits to Lose Your Gut in Your 50s, Nutritionists Say – Don’t Eat This

with fad diets And the quick fix weight loss plans are all around us, you can start to get frustrated trying and Lose weight in a healthy way, in a sustainable manner. This is especially true as you get older because your body undergoes many changes that can make the process of losing weight more difficult.

But what are some of the healthiest and safest methods Losing weight in your fifties? To find out more about it, we spoke with two nutritionists to get their tips on sustainable eating habits that can make a difference in achieving your health goals. Keep reading to learn more, and for more tips on healthy eating, don’t miss out Eating Habits to Lose Belly Fat As You Age, Nutritionists Say.

Whole grain bread pasta
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While many people dread eating carbohydrates, healthy carbohydrates They are actually essential to maintaining a healthy weight, especially in your fifties.

all grains They are a great source of fiber and are healthier to eat more than refined or enriched grains. Refined or enriched grains are processed, which can remove many nutrients, including fiber. Fiber is very important for anyone looking to reduce gut size in their 50s because it helps keep you full for longer, making it easier to reach a more healthy weight. Whole grains are also rich in other important nutrients, such as B vitamins, iron, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium.” Courtney D’Angelo, MS, RD and author in go wellness.

Make a protein shake
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Besides carbohydrates, protein is another nutrient that your body needs on a daily basis. Getting enough protein is vital to managing weight and meeting your needs Weight loss goals.

Eat enough protein In your diet helps build muscle. Muscle is metabolically active, which means that more muscle leads to a faster metabolism, which results in fat burning. with enough proteinYou will begin to feel full for longer periods of time. You’ll also start feeling less excited about cravings hitting the pantry for sugary snacks. In general, matching your protein intake to your weight goals will eventually help you lose weight, especially in your 50s,” says D’Angelo.

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Yogurt, walnut and berry parfait
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Treat yourself to your favorite sweets and snacks It’s a good thing, but sometimes choosing a healthy alternative can help you achieve your goals.

“If you can make this a habit, along with the others on this list, you will start to notice a huge difference in your gut. This is because sweets and treats often have a lot of sugar in them. Eating sugar leads to eating more sugar, and there are a lot of effects. The negative side of eating too much sugar Consider replacing those sweets with healthy snacks, such as apples, Oatmeal with proteinOr Greek yogurt. This way, you get more protein and natural sugar in your diet,” says D’Angelo.

Overnight oats
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Resistant starch is a term that is not commonly discussed, but can play a role Important role in weight loss after 50.

Combine foods with a good amount of Create a resistance In your diet helps to have a flat belly. When resistant starch travels through your digestive system, it gets fermented by the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. The byproducts of this fermentation process help improve insulin response and reduce fat storage around the waist. Consuming foods high in resistant starch on a daily basis will help you see results in a short period of time and simply enjoy Overnight oats In the morning, snack on cashews or Bliss Bite Prebiotic during the day, or add legumes and lentils to salads or soups for a light evening meal” Kara Landau, RD Registered Dietitian with experience in gut health and Founder raising food.

High-fiber foods
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and finally, Get enough fiber On a daily basis, it helps achieve many different health goals, including healthy and sustainable weight loss.

“Eating a high-fiber diet can help with a flat stomach for those in your 50s and beyond because it makes you feel fuller for longer so you don’t overeat, and supports gut health to reduce bloating and keep things moving along the digestive system, Landau says. “Although only 50% of Americans meet Daily fiber intake is recommended From 25 to 30 grams per day, there are some very simple strategies for incorporating more fiber into your diet so you can meet this goal each day. To reach half the fiber you eat daily at breakfast, crush these foods Gut Happy cookies Over packed probiotic Greek Yogurt Or enjoy them as a digestive biscuit. If you prefer grazing, snacking on fruits, nuts, and seeds is an easy fix, like this one Prebiotic puffs They are the highest fiber puff on the market, providing 8 grams of fiber per 120 calories.”