3 Celtics-Heat 7 story events

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3 game 7 story events

It’s been a wildly uneven streak filled with injuries, but the Eastern Conference Finals will begin on Sunday, as the Golden State Warriors await the NBA Finals winner.

The Heat won 6 For one chance at a second Finals in three years, the Celtics attempt the terrifying transition from “promising future” to “present elite” after years with their current core. The Heat, seeded number one in the East, will host the Celtics, while the Celtics are in favor.

Here’s what we’ll think of when hinting.

Which Jimmy Butler will appear?

Let’s determine how many points hit star Jimmy Butler scored in each game of this series: 41, 29, 8, 6, 13, 47. He averaged 24 points per game with a standard deviation of 16. You can get more harmony numbers from the generator random numbers.

So that might be the big question for The Heat. Butler played the hero and then on FridayBut he also played games in which he completely failed to get Miami out of the attacking path. The Heat brought Butler three years ago to be the man for the big moments, and Game 7 qualified to reach the NBA Finals for sure.

Butler has always held an interesting position in the NBA scene. He’s not a face to the NBA like some of the other players in this conference finals are, the product of frustration at his previous stops and team spirit primarily obsessed with the Heat, but he’s definitely a player. You must be horrified to see your opponent’s lead in the playoffs.

Philadelphia 76ers learned that last series when Butler dropped 32 points in the playoff streak And leaving Joel Embiid wondering Why did they let him go?. We’ll see if there is a repeat in the store.

May 21, 2022;  Boston, Massachusetts, USA;  Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) drives the ball against Boston Celtics forward Jason Tatum (0) in the first quarter during Game Three of the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden.  Mandatory credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler and Jason Tatum pulled off some victories in the Eastern Conference Finals. (David Butler II – USA Today Sports)

Are young Celtics players ready for the moment?

Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams, Derek White and Grant Williams. None of these players is over 27 years old, but none of them are younger than 23. It’s time to really win.

Given the talent of the Celtics, it’s hard not to look and see the Heat have the kind of experience you’d want for a game of this magnitude. Much of the team’s rotation since reaching the NBA Finals remains in the bubble, and Kyle Lowry still enjoys this episode of his time with the Toronto Raptors.

Then again, the Celtics made it to this round with a win at Game 7 as they crushed defending champion Milwaukee Bucks. There has always been a lot to like about the future of the Celtics and this may be the first time the team has felt like it was playing at its true potential.

Win, as you look at this group’s debut in the long-awaited finals.

How true is the temperature?

The biggest factor in Sunday’s game is whether or not Tyler Hero will fit in. Herro has missed the past three games of the series due to a groin strain. On a related note, the Heat averaged 91 points in those games after scoring 109.7 points per game in games 1-3.

Herro is It said In “wait and see” mode for Game 7 with a Sunday workout to determine availability. Miami could definitely use scoring.

Another major question mark for Heat is whether Lowry can get any closer to 100 percent. The veteran points guard has been hard to watch since returning from a hamstring injury in Game 3, averaging 8 points per game while shooting 27% from the field. He achieved his best performance in Game 6 with 18 points and 10 assists, although he still missed nine shots out of 14.

The Celtics weren’t injury-free either, with Smart and Williams both questioning Game 7.