10 Sci-Fi TV Shows Canceled Soon

The spread of pop culture was very characteristic of the late 1990s and early 2000s Fiction TV series, with interesting plots revolving around the gamut from space travel to other planets or alien contacts, to artificial intelligence and genetic modifications.

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And with the arrival of these TV series, they quickly fell behind, not necessarily for the interesting storylines but for low ratings (financial talks, after all). However, after 20 years, fans of the genre still fondly remember them and consider them at least worthy of more than one or two seasons.

Dirk gently (2010-2012)

This British series, broadcast on BBC Four, featured the main character, Detective Dirk gently (Stephen Mangan) as a jumble between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, who ran a comprehensive investigative agency under the premise of the “fundamental interconnectedness of all things”, along with his assistant and friend, Richard Macduff.Darren Boyd).

Presentation based on the novel Dirk Jalili’s Comprehensive Detective Agency By Douglas Adams, it ran for only 4 episodes. However, audiences still remember Gently’s ability to relate seemingly unrelated cases, such as the disappearance of a cat and a double murder. It was so well received that 4 years later there was a new release set in North America, with Detective Genly (Samuel Barnettand his assistant, Todd Protzman.Elijah wood), and even though it ran into two seasons, fans deemed it too short for showcasing the adventures of an eccentric detective.

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firefly (2002-2003)

One of the sci-fi TV series that has won many fans over the years without a doubt fireflyWritten and directed by Joss Whedon. Her story, which falls under the category of Western space drama, introduced viewers to the adventures of the Serenity crew, at a time when humans had already landed in a new star system.

And while each episode had enough hype, it wasn’t enough to keep it alive. The first season was not even completed, only 11 of the 14 episodes aired. firefly I managed to survive thanks to the comics And role-playing games on the table.

defying gravity (2009)

Science fiction television series space travel defying gravity It was supposed to be a success since his show was sold to networks as “instinct anatomy In spaceā€, a group of astronauts wandered the solar system, were spotted from Earth, and attempted to land on Mars.

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But a similar fate awaited Firefly in this multinational production. 13 episodes were originally filmed in the first three seasons, but ABC canceled the show, aired only 8 episodes, and other participating networks played the entire season in their countries or online.

Odyssey 5 (2002-2004)

Being the sole survivor of a catastrophe on Earth and observing everything from space without being able to do anything does not seem to be the best plans for the main characters in Odyssey 5Science fiction series. The crew of the spaceship Odyssey meet a being who calls himself The Seeker, who rescues them and sends them 5 years into the past to prevent the destruction of the planet.

Next, the heroes are on a mission to stop the villains, a race of disembodied AI that has infiltrated society almost imperceptibly as it attempts to alter the fate of their past decisions. This first season left with a cliffhanger that audiences would never know how it would have ended, but even today sci-fi fans remember it.

almost human (2013-2014)

It seems closer and closer is when technology will advance so far that people will work alongside Androids with almost human-like appearances and behaviors, not just a list of pre-set guidelines. That’s what it was almost human It was shown to viewers when it aired.

Detective John Kennics reaction (Karl Urban) and Dorian “synthetic” police (Michael Eli) asked if a robot could behave more humanely and not just rely on logic, as they investigate various cases involving criminals and industrial materials. Unfortunately, it ran for only one season of 13 episodes due to low ratings and high production costs, although it quickly gained a following.

Caprica (2009-2010)

Imagine your family died in a terrorist attack, but you have the money and technology to bring them back, would you? This was the dilemma facing attorney Joseph Adama (Isai Moralesand tech billionaire Daniel GraystonEric Stoltz), who brought his daughter Zoe (Alessandra Torrisani) alive in a robotic body.

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despite Caprica I was Created as a spin-off to Battlestar Galactica, which maintained its references, its approach was quite different, akin to a Greek tragedy where the moral debate about advances in robotics and artificial intelligence was on the table. But this story, despite its potential, moderate ratings, and many nominations, was scrapped and only remained in one season.

strange nation (1989-1990)

Fear of the unknown has always been the basis of discrimination, an issue that unfortunately humanity has not yet dealt with. This was the case in the TV series strange nationwhich offered viewers an adaptation within human society of The Francisco, one of the many alien families that have taken refuge on planet Earth.

Topics that remain controversial to this day, such as religion, minority rights, and the family, among others, were at the core of the interaction between Los Angeles Police Officer Matthew Sykes (Gary Grahamand newcomer Jorge FranciscoEric Pierpoint). Although this series only had one season, due to the low budget, 5 films were subsequently shot for TV as the experiences of the Francisco members and their colleagues at the police station continued.

Space: above and beyond (1995-1996)

Soldiers, Aliens, and Colonialism is an explosive cocktail for a science fiction TV series, and this could be a summary of Space: above and beyonda show where a group of US Marines called The Wildcards have to face an alien race that is destroying the first extrasolar colonies on Earth using the most advanced technology.

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In addition to battle clashes, space has shown culture shocks and the outcomes of wars between Humans, Chigs (aliens), Silicates (conscious androids), and In Vitroes (synthetically unknown humans). It aired 23 episodes of its only season, ending with a cliffhanger, even though the producers already knew the series had been cancelled.

dark Angel (2000-2002)

In the ’90s, there was a trend of strong female characters in TV series, and science fiction couldn’t be left behind. thus dark Angel Reached the viewers, release Jessica Alba to fameand co-created her story James CameronAnd the Inspired by the manga Battle Angel Alita.

The show featured Max Guevara (Alba), a super soldier who escaped as a child from a secret military institution called Manticore. As an adult, she seeks to find her brothers and sisters with the help of online journalist Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly) who was investigating government corruption. Although it had made it into season three, it was canceled after being displaced by the success of the TV series Angel.

stargate universe (2009-2011)

Although the science fiction series stargate universe (SGU) was originally intended to be a variation on the franchise, whose story centered on a group of scientists led by Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert CarlyleInvestigate the ancients, the fate of the spaceship, and their relationship to other worlds beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way.

The ending of SGU left a bitter taste after two seasons, leaving audiences with an inconclusive ending about extraterrestrial life that may have emerged after the Big Bang, and after the success of previous shows. Stargate SG-1 And the Stargate Atlantis.

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